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About Us


Why LearningLynks

Learning Lynk is a pioneer in delivering exceptional IT and corporate training services to its clients across the globe. We specifically tailored our training’s to meet the requirements of beginners, intermediates and advanced team members within their respective disciplines and delivered by an enviable team of quailed, expert and highly experienced trainers.

Our specialized learning solution ores you the best of face-to-face technical and soft-skills education. Our learning solutions programs have innovative training practices and provide complete knowledge transfer and in tune with the quality standards. Our high end IT training programs provide with the choice of standard or customized road map with flexible training solutions. We are associated with highly qualified corporate trainers and consultants who design and deliver training’s to meet the desired objectives set for our clients. We conduct corporate training’s in Information Technology, IT Service Management, IT Governance, IT Infrastructure Library, Project Management, Behavioral and Management Solutions for enterprises and corporate’s across the globe.



Our mission is to become the most preferred corporate Training consultant of our segment by continuously and relentlessly upgrading our hold on the technology and solutions without compromising over quality to meet the growing needs of modern business.

To establish and grow ourselves as a customer-centric-organization with a focused approach to deliver exceptional corporate training services with cutting edge solutions to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and partners.

We commit to client satisfaction as our most important business objective. We value our people. We will encourage initiative, recognize individual contribution, treat each person with respect and fairness, and afford ample opportunity for professional growth. We will maintain the highest standards of ethics and business conduct and operate at all times within the laws of all countries in which we do business.






We are honest, ethical and fair in all our business dealings. We honour our commitments and take personal responsibility for our actions. We will treat everyone fairly.

We recognize that our strength and our competitive advantage is our people. We will continually learn, and share ideas and knowledge. We encourage cooperative efforts at every level and across all activities in the company.

Passion and Heart are cornerstones of our organization and the key to driving our success. We can accomplish extraordinary results with enthusiasm and passion.

We want to become one stop solution for our customer training needs. Customers drive our next actions. Client engagement drives forward us to see innovative ways of doing things and to greater excellence.



Learninglynks, a one stop shop for all your training requirements, Our client-focused approach allows us to design training programs that are customized to deliver the results you need. Our Panel of Industry Expert Trainers will consistently focus on evolving industry training needs and come up with state-of-the-art solutions thus facilitating the client to concentrate on its business and clients.


Class room training sessions are structured for those enthusiastic students who want to hear interact with the faculty. Very convenient for those who prefer a one-on-one live and an interactive training methodology.

These structured sessions are completed in a timely manner along with several case studies and live discussions, enhancing the applicability of the training material. The merits of classroom sessions can be fully leveraged by the students with direct access to the subject matter experts


Geographical boundaries are no more barriers to the true spirit of learning and access to the best of the faculty and trainers is clearly possible. You can chat /discuss using our learning tools about your queries and learn during your preferred time and location. Our modules are tailor-made to cater to the varying needs of the student’s cross-section.

Having access to a 24 X 7 convenience model itself may become the catalyst to learning, many a times. Our on-line courses are tailored to suit our busy schedule and ultimately make it happen without compromising on the quality of training. This is enabled by use of technology to make sure you have access to the subject matter expert any time anywhere.